Eyelash Extensions in Keene, NH   

  Samantha’s offers eyelash extensions in Keene, NH. Your answer for longer, darker, fuller and more lifted eyelashes. Single eyelash extensions are applied to a single eyelash, resulting in a gorgeous natural appearance.

Using the professional leader of the industry, Xtreme Lashes.

Note: Eyelash extensions require maintenance upkeep. A re-lash appointment is required every two or three weeks (depending on your lifestyle and eyelash retention) to maintain the look of dark full lashes. Price varies depending on the amount of time in between lashing appointments.

One time lashing is available for special occasions and we offer a safe lash extension removal option. Call Samantha’s today!


EYELASH EXTENSIONS (60-120 min+)  

Full set $200

Re-lash done within two weeks (up to 14 days) $75

Three weeks (up to 21 days) $125

Four weeks+ (up to 28 days) Full set required 

Eyelash removal $40